The plant has high-speed beverage bottling lines, which optimize the company’s work. The plant in Zolotonosha is able not only to meet the current demand for the company’s products, but increase production if necessary in the future as well.

Quality control of beverages takes place at all stages of production and is carried out in a special certified laboratory. Our company has implemented a certified integrated system of management, quality management and food safety.

The Company invests in the renewal and expansion of production facilities every year. Thus, in 2020 the Royal Fruit Garden Company acquired the Kyiv Champagne Factory, which was moved to production areas in Zolotonosha, where during 2020-2021 the construction of premises and installation of a line for the production of cider by double fermentation with endogenous CO2 continued. A closed production system saves water and eliminates the negative impact on the environment.
The high quality of the Company’s products depends on the water used for the production of beverages. As there can be no compromises in terms of quality, the Company uses only Artesian water with optimal mineral composition for the production of beverages. Water is supplied to the plant from wells, which fully meet the needs of the enterprise in raw materials.

The Royal Fruit Garden Company is currently one of the major national players in the cider market. Without stopping at what has been achieved, it introduces in his business activities the production of fermented beer and beverages at the same time. It demonstrates high performance of effective business activities.

No Secrerts

We make our cider from fermented juice. No secrets!

At each of 5 stages of the process, we carefully monitor the quality and therefore sell a really cool cider.To make you feel that happiness is simple.

The first stage


From July to October we accept apples harvested from our own orchards in Zolotonosha and from other farms.

The second stage


We wash and sort the apples,
they go under the press, where the juice is squeezed from them.

The third stage


Alcohol is fermented naturally without alcohol – from the sugars contained in apple juice. Then we separate the precipitate and clarify the juice by filtration

The fourth stage


To get the final taste of cider, we add sugar, infusions of various herbs, fruits and other juices to the already fermented and filtered juice

The fifth stage


Ready cider on special production lines we pour into glass bottles with a volume of 0.7 and 0.33 liters, in plastic or metal kegs of 30 or 50 liters. Products are ready to be sent to shops and pubs.