Сompliance with labor protection requirements

The alignment meeting on compliance with labor protection requirements for the safe operation of vehicles, as well as the establishment of control by officials in terms of compliance with Traffic Rules of Ukraine by employees during operation of vehicles was held by Chief State Inspector of the Department of Supervision in Agroindustrial Complex and Social and Cultural Sphere V.M. Tkachenko with employees of Royal Fruit Garden East Subsidiary of Royal Fruit Garden Limited Liability Company in the presence of Director Serhii Leonidovych Prykhodko, Head of the Labor Protection Service Nataliia Mykhailivna Rudenko on June 01, 2021. It was noted that it is necessary to comply with the requirements of Regulations on Labor Protection 0.00-1.62-12 Rules of Labor Protection on Road Transport.

The issues on ensuring the required number and proper use of personal protective equipment, compliance with the norms established by Regulations on Labor Protection 15.0-3.09-98 “Typical Industry Standards for Free Issuance of Special Clothing, Special Footwear and other Personal Protective Equipment for Employees in the Food Industry (Oil and Fat, Alcohol, Liqueur and Spirits, Non-Alcoholic Beer, Tobacco and Tobacco and Fermentation, Perfume and Cosmetic and Essential Oil Production)”.