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Herbert Hauswirth


I was responsible for starting, perhaps, five dozen factories and lines for the production of wine, soft drinks and juices in my life.

During 30 years of my work in many countries of the world, dedicated to modern food technologies and quality standards, I have gained many friends, professionals, dedicated people.

And after many years of working in global companies such as Pepsi-Cola International, Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Doehler Group, I decided to realize a long-held dream of my family: to develop a business that does not need to use compromises on quality issues in which people work as one family.

I wanted to create a business where naturally one is responsible for the other, and all together – for the quality of the created product. They correspond to the very opportunity to work in a team with warm relations, to produce a natural product from year to year with the same high quality and in the quantity that only nature gives.

Kind regards,
Herbert Hauswirth.



Сompliance with labor protection requirements

On June 1, 2021 Chief State Inspector of the Department of Supervision in Agroindustrial Complex and Social and Cultural Sphere V.M. Tkachenko held a seminar-meeting on observance of requirements concerning labor protection

Sunny wine

History and traditions of cider, from antiquity to modern cider produced by Royal Fruit Garden

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